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What is AI Skills Training & Why Ryan Design Stands Out

By Antoine Ryan & Chat GPT
June, 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, AI is crucial for business success. Major platforms like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google offer free AI skills training to help professionals stay competitive. However, busy professionals often need more efficient, high-quality training than these generic resources provide.

What is AI Skills Training?

AI skills training involves learning how to understand, implement, and innovate with AI technologies to enhance business operations and decision-making.

Free Resources from Amazon, Microsoft, and Google

Amazon’s AI Skills Training:

  • “AI Ready” initiative to train 2 million people by 2025.
  • Courses like “Generative AI for Executives” and “Introduction to Machine Learning.”

Google’s AI Skills Training:

  • “Google AI Essentials” and other courses covering AI tools and responsible usage.

Microsoft’s AI Skills Training:

  • Courses like “AI For Beginners” and Azure OpenAI Service training.

Benefits of Free Resources

  1. Accessible: Available online at no cost.
  2. Comprehensive: Covering basic to advanced topics.
  3. Flexible: Self-paced learning.
  4. Quality Content: Developed by leading tech companies.
  5. Credentials: Some offer certifications.

While valuable, these resources might not meet the specific needs of busy professionals seeking efficient and effective training.

AI Skills Training from My Perspective at Ryan Design

At Ryan Design, AI skills training is about providing practical, hands-on knowledge that directly applies to your unique business needs. I move beyond generic training to offer customised sessions that address your specific challenges and objectives.

Tailored Workshops

My workshops are crafted to tackle your business’s unique challenges and goals. This personalised approach ensures that training is immediately relevant and applicable, helping you achieve tangible improvements quickly.

Practical and Actionable Knowledge

I emphasise real-world applications through interactive exercises and practical examples. For instance, in my “Generative AI for Business Innovation” workshop, I teach structured prompting techniques and idea generation tailored to your team’s needs. This ensures the solutions you develop during the workshop can be directly implemented in your operations.

Empowerment Through Ownership

I aim to empower your team to confidently integrate AI into their workflows. My training promotes a sense of independence and capability, ensuring your team can take ownership of AI strategies and tools effectively.

Why Ryan Design Stands Out

Ryan Design’s AI skills training offers a unique blend of personalised content, practical applications, and efficiency. This approach ensures the training is relevant and impactful, promoting a problem-solving mindset that many traditional AI programs lack.

By choosing Ryan Design, you invest in a program that delivers immediate business impact and empowers your team.

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