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The Importance of Continued Feedback for Company Growth Post-Workshop

By Antoine Ryan & Chat GPT
April, 2024

In today’s rapidly advancing technological landscape, simply attending a workshop is not enough for companies to truly integrate new skills or technologies, such as artificial intelligence (AI), into their operations. To continue the momentum started by initial training sessions, it’s crucial for companies to implement structured, ongoing feedback mechanisms.

Imagine kickstarting a bicycle: the initial push is essential, but to keep the wheels spinning, consistent pedaling is required. This analogy reflects the learning process within a company. Just as a child learns to walk or talk through continuous feedback, employees refine their skills and adapt to new technologies more effectively when feedback is ingrained in their routines.

Holding regular feedback sessions, especially after an initial training workshop, allows teams to share their successes and setbacks openly. These meetings aren’t just about problem-solving; they are a forum for celebrating wins, which can significantly boost morale and foster a positive company culture. Additionally, they help identify areas where further training or adjustment may be needed, ensuring that the integration of new technologies like AI is successful and beneficial across all levels of the organisation.

As part of our commitment to your company’s success and growth, we offer a structured follow-up service. This service is not merely an added benefit but a crucial step in establishing a culture of continuous improvement and learning. We will chair the first weekly AI feedback meeting, setting the stage for your team to take over. This initial guided session is a paid service, designed to ensure that your team is confident, prepared, and motivated to continue these meetings, keeping the momentum going long after our workshop has ended.

Implementing regular feedback sessions post-workshop is not just a good practice; it’s a vital strategy for any organisation aiming to stay competitive and innovative in the AI era.

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