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Unlock the Power of ChatGPT

Join my free workshop to boost your productivity & explore potential benefits for your team.

Empower yourself with practical skills to leverage ChatGPT, enhancing your productivity & efficiency. My free, interactive workshop provides hands-on training that you can immediately apply in your professional setting.

Benefits for you

  • Practical Skills: Learn structured prompting and effective AI communication.
  • Enhanced Productivity: Use ChatGPT to streamline tasks and improve your output.
  • Engaging Sessions: Participate in interactive, real-world training.

Benefits for your team

  • Team-Wide Potential: Explore how these skills can be extended to benefit your entire team.
  • Advocate for Your Team: Experience the benefits first-hand & advocate for tailored workshops within your organisation.


Duration & Format

  • Length: 1-hour online workshop
  • Structure: Interactive sessions with practical applications

Booking Info.

Availability: Choose from multiple time slots that fit your schedule, including options during working hours for seamless integration into your workday.

  1. Select a preferred time slot from the available options.
  2. Fill in your name and email address.
  3. Confirm your booking and receive an invitation.
TUES.3:00PM9:00 AM NYC
WED.8:00AM4:00 PM SYD

*Local time, Berlin.


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*Limited to 3 participants per session.

Enquire About Your AI Skills Training Workshop Today

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