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Klaus: Uniting Berlin with AI-Powered Advocacy

Berlin is facing significant budget cuts under Mayor Kai Wegner’s administration, aiming to save 1.9 billion euros by 2025. The Klaus tool is here to help you express your concerns and preserve the unique charm of our city.

What is Klaus?

Klaus is an AI-powered tool based on the Pickaxe platform, designed to help Berliners express their thoughts on budget cuts humorously and effectively. By using your name, neighbourhood, and what you love about Berlin, Klaus generates a witty draft letter that you can send to the mayor.

How Does Klaus Work?

  1. Share Your Concerns: Fill out the form with your details and thoughts on what makes Berlin special.
  2. Generate a Letter: Klaus uses AI to create a humorous, heartfelt letter addressed to Mayor Wegner.
  3. Take Action: Print and send your letter to the mayor. Encourage your friends and community to do the same!

Meet Our Users

Thomas Müller: A 42-year-old Berliner, balances a demanding job, an active social life, and fatherhood. He uses Klaus to quickly convey his worries about playground and kindergarten cuts to the mayor.

Aya Saleh: A 20-year-old Syrian refugee, passionate about maintaining refugee support programs and public sporting facilities. Klaus helps Aya advocate for the services that changed her life.

Elisabeth (Lisbeth) Schmidt: A 65-year-old retired school teacher who cherishes Berlin’s cultural institutions and senior services. Klaus makes it easy for Lisbeth to participate in advocacy.

Example Submission

Example data entered by a user.

Name: Aya
Neighborhood / Address: Richardplatz, 12055 Berlin
Language: English
What do you love most about Berlin that shouldn’t be cut?: Refugee support programs and public sporting facilities

Example Prompt 1: Outline Problem (copy and paste into ChatGPT)

Resulting Letter:

Richardplatz, 12055 Berlin

Kai Wegner
Senate Chancellery
Jüdenstr. 1
10178 Berlin

Dear Herr Wegner,
Subject: A Love Letter to Berlin
I hope this letter finds you in good spirits, possibly even better than the state of Berlin's budget! As a proud Berliner, Aya from Richardplatz, I felt compelled to share my unwavering love for this vibrant city amidst the storm of proposed budget cuts.

Berlin, the city where even the pigeons on the U-Bahn have opinions on budget matters, is a melting pot of diversity, resilience, and undeniable charm. From the refugee support programs that have woven a tapestry of compassion to the public sporting facilities that have been the heartbeat of many journeys, Berlin stands as a beacon of hope and unity.

Now, let's talk about the proposed budget cuts. Two billion euros vanishing into thin air? Sounds like a magic trick gone wrong! Wegner, are we supposed to hold our breath and wish it all away? Because last time I checked, that trick only works in fairy tales, not in the bureaucratic maze of Berlin!

Ah, Thilo Sarrazin and his infamous 'save until it squeaks' – seems like Wegner is taking a page out of that playbook! Halting construction to save money? Well, at least we'll have clearer skies above the Komische Oper, even if our roads remain reminiscent of lunar landscapes.

Schools, BVG, social housing, pensions – are they all on the chopping block? Maybe we should start filming 'Berlin Saves – Who Survives?' as the city's newest reality show. Who needs Netflix when you have Berlin's budget drama unfolding before your eyes?

Wegner ponders, 'How do we ensure the rule of law works?' Maybe by not turning the budget into a puzzle with missing pieces. 'How do we ensure this city can think ahead?' Oh, the irony when we're cutting the very tools needed for future planning. And 'How do we manage all this in times of crisis without social devastation?' Well, that's the billion-dollar question, isn't it?

Perhaps we should set up a piggy bank on Alexanderplatz and rely on tourists to bail us out. After all, in Berlin, stranger things have happened – just ask the Brandenburg Gate!

In conclusion, Herr Wegner, as we navigate these stormy financial waters, let's remember that Berlin's heart beats not just in its buildings, but in the resilience and spirit of its people. So, here's to hoping that our budget cuts lead to a plot twist worthy of a Berliner Weiße toast – Prost!

With a dash of Berliner Schnauze and a sprinkle of humour,
Aya from Richardplatz

Why Did We Create Klaus?

At Ryan Design, we are fascinated by AI and believe that, when applied to the right use cases, this technology can be uniquely useful. Klaus serves three distinct purposes:

  1. Write on Your Behalf: Klaus generates a letter expressing concerns about potential decisions that may affect you.
  2. Embody Berlin’s Spirit: Through his voice and sense of humour, Klaus embodies the spirit of Berlin, reminding the authorities of what makes this city special—its unique sense of humour.
  3. Educational Opportunity: Klaus demonstrates how AI can be a useful tool. If you’re reading this, then Klaus has succeeded in showing you the potential of AI.

Safety and User Testing

Before releasing Klaus, we conducted extensive safety testing to ensure the tool is safe and non-divisive. We tested multiple abusive submissions to ensure Klaus does not incite any harmful or socially divisive content. Instead, Klaus aims to celebrate a unified Berlin. All generated letters are monitored to internally flag any abusive content generation attempts.

If you encounter any issues or need to report abuse, please contact us at

Klaus for Business

Imagine if you could create such a tool for your clients (or potential clients). What character would you choose? What functionality would your tool have? Where would you put it? On your website? In an email? What useful, funny, interesting, or helpful content could this tool create for you as a business owner or a decision maker?

If you’re interested in learning more about how AI can be applied to your business, customer service, or marketing challenges, please schedule a call with me using the form below.

Looking forward to your feedback, questions, and to sharing this wonderful city of Berlin with you into the future.

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