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AI Skills Training Workshops: Gear Up for Business Success

Workshop Goodmoodfood, April 2024

Generative AI for Business Innovation: Workshop 1

Duration: 2 hours + break & questions

Workshop SegmentContentValue
The Playing FieldIntroduction to how current AI technologies are reshaping industries.Competitive Advantage: Equip your team with cutting-edge AI knowledge to outperform the market.
Rules of the GameDeep dive into the mechanics and strategic applications of Large Language Models.Practical Knowledge: Gain a strategic understanding of LLMs to enhance operational efficiencies and decision-making.
Prompting TechniquesTechniques of structured prompting to interact effectively with AI.Actionable Knowledge: Learn essential skills for effective AI communication, immediately usable in your business.
Training DrillsIdea Generation: Custom exercises for new strategies.
Augmented Decision Making: Enhance tactical decisions with AI insights.
Customisable & Immediate Application: Tailored exercises ensure solutions are directly applicable to your business challenges.
Key Takeaways

Workshop 2

Duration: 2 hours + break & questions

Available June 2024

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